Kaputei Farm Boosts Hygiene with Our Sanistar Machine

In a groundbreaking move towards enhancing hygiene and product quality, Kaputei Farm, a leading manufacturer of products made from 100% natural ingredients, has recently installed our Sanistar Machine. As one of the major producers of ketchup and sauces in Kenya, Kaputei Farm recognizes the importance of maintaining stringent cleanliness standards in their manufacturing processes.

Image: Donald Ndalu (Food Sanitation Lead) demonstrating the operation of the Sanistar Machine to Kaputei staff.

Reducing Fly Infestation

Linda from Kaputei Farm reported a significant reduction in the number of flies within the facility following the installation of the Sanistar Machine. This outcome is a testament to the machine's effectiveness in creating a sanitary environment, thereby improving the overall hygiene standards of the production facility.


As consumers become increasingly conscious of the importance of product quality and hygiene, Kaputei Farm's commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology like the Sanistar Machine reflects positively.

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