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SARAYA Welcomes Students from East Timor

SARAYA welcomes students from East Timor.

As a part of the JENESYS2015 Inbound Program, 22 medical university and graduate students from East Timor visited Japan on October 6. SARAYA invited them for a company tour and introduced them to our businesses, SARAYA East Africa, and the Wash a Million Hands Project in Uganda – SARAYA's handwashing promotional project. In the tour, we provided a handwashing seminar and talked about the mechanisms of healthcare-associated infections, the importance of handwashing, and 5 moments of hand hygiene. Handwashing demonstration was also conducted using the checker to find out missed areas during hand washing. They were surprised to see how easily we miss spots such as fingertips. After the first check, they learned the handwashing method recommended by the WHO and had it checked again. The second time they could perform better and deepen the understanding of hand washing. We hope the experience in SARAYA was enriching and informative for them!

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